Google Analytics Custom Dimensions Or How To Get Millions Of Clients All Over The World – Semalt Tips

Every business can have multiple benefits from having a successful e-commerce website. Webmasters depend on internet marketing to make these sites succeed in reaching their millions of clients all over the globe. In this case, companies may tend to engage SEO agencies who practice content marketing as well as Social Media Marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tends to increase the presence of a brand or website online, especially in the search engines. These digital marketing techniques depend on particular webmaster tools. For instance, Google Analytics is a typical tool which can give different metrics regarding your marketing campaign.

Custom dimensions are a tool present in Google Analytics. Custom sizes help the Google Analytics user to have multiple ways of tracking different quantities within a marketing campaign. Monitoring the progress of your SEO campaign helps people discover new ways of improving what they offer on their websites. Artem Abgarian, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, explains that with custom dimensions, you can tailor different metrics present in SEO automation. Google Analytics gives some unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurs to engage in a competitive environment especially one which contains extra services to automate the digital marketing process. Everyone can benefit from this feature and make a website which is authoritative as well as successful within your particular niche.

Setting up Google Analytics custom dimensions

To use custom dimensions, you need to have a Google Analytics account. Create one first to proceed with the tutorial on the login page. When logged into your Google Analytics profile, you can navigate and use your admin panel. In other cases, you can be able to go to the customization tab may contain these custom dimension options. This menu is on the left top sidebar. Users operating commercial websites can use their author, category as well as the post type. Other unique metrics like the time of logging and also the time published.

Using custom dimensions

Custom dimensions provide the metrics to view different aspects of the page view as well as regulating your marketing campaign. For instance, data such as the author as well as category provides information necessary for controlling the way the website behaves.

Custom dimensions are also present in the reporting tab of Google Analytics. The traditional way of finding this menu is still valid. Users who come from different diverse aspects of the web development can benefit from this list. The web developer can also be able to find various categories and items when users log in to set them.


Every online startup can have different options of succeeding. For most webmasters, people depend on internet marketing for different benefits regarding digital marketing. Most webmasters pursue aspects of marketing such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are other numerous methods which can help a website book a remarkable position on the search engines. However, using custom dimensions in Google Analytics can help a person monitor different aspects of the site. You can set up custom dimensions in your Google Analytics admin page and achieve numerous methods of tracking various business metrics within your niche. You can use this guideline to set up and use custom dimensions in Google Analytics.

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